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Yoga Teacher Courses
(Level 1)

Courses are designed for people who want to become a certified yoga teacher. No prior experience needed.


Advanced Yoga TTC
(Level 2)

For yoga instructors having Level 1 certificates and want to deepen their yoga knowledge and teaching skills.


Yoga Courses and

For those who are looking for a combination of yoga & meditation classes with time for themselves.

Dive deep into Yoga, gain solid foundations and confidence to teach others during our 200-hour teacher courses while, at the same time enjoying the amazing culture of India. These intensive 3-weeks training programs led by yoga masters are available for students without prior experience.

Yoga belongs to humanity, but it has a home, India

Among traditional Indian philosophy, anatomy, ayurveda and meditation you will learn Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive Yoga Alliance certification (RYT200) which is recognized all-around the world.



Highly Qualified Teachers

Native Masters for whom yoga is a way of life. They understand yoga as a path of exploring the uniqueness and potential of each human being

We Look After You

You just focus on learning. Our team will take care of transport, meals and accommodation. Count on us for everything you may need.

Amazing Food

You experience the most amazing spread of traditional vegetarian food from India. All our students love it.


I would completely recommend the yoga teacher training course! It’s exactly the type of course I was looking for when I wanted to come to India to certificate in yoga. Best part is the view of the beach and the good vibes from the team and the entire community!
Ana Barbara Gonzalez
October 2019
The Teacher course with Kavaalya a is a time in my life that I will treasure forever. I grew more, mentally and spiritually in that month than any other time spent at school, university or on previous travels. My understanding and relationship with yoga has fundamentally changed and I have a much deeper connection to the practice and within myself which I can now enjoy and explore confidently in my own practice and integrate into my life at home.
Norbert Czuba
January 2020
A very enriching experience, I learned a lot from yoga, beyond the postures, the history and the stages to which it aspires to reach.
Emiliano López
February 2020
Very intense yoga sessions with very good teachers. Tasty food, friendly staff and very nice location. Wonderful time!
Anna M.N.
April 2019
The most incredible people I have ever met in my life. All the things you do and go through are just unbelievable and I am so, so lucky to have done it.
Tanya Rossicone
April 2019

Are you ready to experience transformation?

Yoga Courses in India

Many people choose to undertake a yoga course in India for a number of reasons. Sometimes one wants to develop spiritually and believes that developing an understanding of disciplines such as meditation, pranayama, philosophy and anatomy will help in doing so or one is simply looking for a new exciting plan and wants to combine it with life-changing travel. Another reason would be to undertake an internationally certified program so that one can work as a yoga instructor full time or as a hobby.

Whatever your reason, it’s important that you find the right course to suit your wishes, conditions, needs and budget. You have some good options to choose from including what type of yoga course you would like to be qualified in in order to teach and where in India you would like to take your course in yoga.

Yoga Training in India

It is very much recommended to choose a yoga training in India because of the rich teaching experience that aims at sharing one of the oldest and legendary traditions for the physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The yoga centers in India are, on many occasions, nestled in tranquil and peaceful surroundings and students come from all over the world to learn more about the ancient discipline.

Yoga Ashrams in India

Yoga ashrams in India put a lot of emphasis on the needs of a beginner as well as an intermediate practitioner of yoga. So, yoga courses not only guide the beginner towards their first step into the yoga world, but at the same time helps intermediate practitioners in their journey.

Yoga ashrams in India are for anyone from anywhere, with any background, nationality, religion or gender. It opens up an array of possibilities, especially for those stuck with the ideas of limitations. So if you are willing to take the first leap yourself, you should be interested in the exploration of this ancient Indian science of yoga.

Yoga in India

There is no other place on earth like India to study yoga, if you have not been to India before, you can’t possibly understand the reality of this ancient science. If you’re serious about it, sooner or later, you could experience yoga in India.

Yoga belongs to humanity, but it has a home, India.

Yoga in India is an art, it is where it recovers its full meaning, from fitness to union, understood as intimate participation in reality. It’s an interior process where you consciously breathe into your body and experience an intimate relationship with the wonder that is you.

Experiencing yoga in India changes your perception of life, because that is the essence of its purpose, to bring freedom by helping people to connect to their true nature of being fearless and joyful.

The success of yoga in India does not lie in the ability to perform asanas but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and handle our relationships. Yoga is a conduit to joy, it’s an attitude enhancing tool more than anything else, and it only requires your breath and your attention.

Yoga in Goa

The beautiful beaches, the positive vibe and the shadows of the palm trees, the feeling of warm air and sand on your skin, the smell of saltwater in your nose, create a perfect environment to practice yoga in Goa. The warm weather helps to improve your flexibility and the quietness of the area is a basic ingredient to calm your mind.

“Yoga Goa” is the perfect rhyme, while yoga makes you feel connected to yourself, Goa makes you feel connected to nature. That is why most of the students that come to Goa, leave with the intense feeling of transformation, of being reborn, it is a turning point in one’s life.

Learning yoga in Goa is to access a perfect equilibrium between the east and west. You find excellent native teachers eager to transmit their knowledge and view of life, balanced with a western influence that comes from the Portuguese times.

On top of that, the people are laid back and very friendly. The Goans are very hospitable to foreigners. If there is any kind of problem everyone is willing to help. They radiate positive vibes which help to create a peaceful environment. Here different communities and religions live together in peace and harmony.

Yoga in Goa or Yoga in Rishikesh?

Well, it is not a matter of best or worst, they are just different and it is important to say what the strengths of every place are:

Rishikesh is said to be the yoga capital of the world, so, of course, there are great centers with amazing teachers. The tradition of Yoga in Rishikesh comes from ancient times compared to Goa, but many of the yoga masters moved to Goa in the last 10 years, because the conditions of this place have made it very attractive and adequate to set up yoga centers. The result is that from the quality/authenticity point of view both places are great choices.

This is a question of personal taste, mountains or beaches? But it is worth considering the question of how crowded and commercially oriented the place is. In terms of space, Yoga in Goa is best because there are loads of beaches where you can enjoy solitude, while Rishikesh, being a small city and a strong spiritual pole of attraction, is noisy and sometimes a bit annoying for the number of people with different interests and agendas. It takes deep investigation to find places for yoga in Rishikesh that keep the essence intact.

Weather conditions
Following is a brief chart for the exact details, but in the light of the numbers, conditions are kinder in Goa, for practicing yoga.

January32° / 20°023° / 9°4
February32° / 21°025° / 11°6
March33° / 23°030° / 15°6
April33° / 25°036° / 20°3
May34° / 26°238° / 23°4
June30° / 25°2237° / 25°14
July29° / 24°2633° / 25°22
August29° / 24°2533° / 25°22
September30° / 24°1533° / 23°15
October32° / 24°632° / 19°3
November33° / 22°328° / 13°0
December33° / 21°025° / 10°0
Source: NOAA

Yoga Classes in India

Yoga classes in India in English require a certain amount of proficiency in the language to be able to handle and respond to the instructions and lectures. There are no previous educational requirements to join the yoga classes, as long as you are able to express yourself, you’re welcome.

The age of the candidates applying for the yoga classes in Indian schools shouldn’t be less than 18 at the time of admission.

Any individual who desires to go through a course in a yoga center in India but experiences injuries or ailments are advised to get in touch with a medical professional before joining the course. Participants must be in proper physical and mental health while enrolling for this.

Yoga Centers in India

Choosing a yoga center in India to learn yoga is one of the best decisions that can be made. You have to keep in mind that nowhere in the world you could find teachers and an environment so optimal for this art to permeate inside you and change you forever.

One of the biggest rewards is to see how students transform. On the one hand, the power of yoga and on the other the experience of living in India and meeting people with the same interests from all parts of the world will enrich you.

Studying in a yoga center in India leaves nobody indifferent.

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