our mission

To make the Authentic Yoga and its Philosophy accessible to students from all over the world by providing the best possible Training Programs.


We offer you a unique combination of european approach with the tradition and vibrancy of the millenary indian Science of Ayurveda, as the best way to learn a transformative and healing practice.


Aditi Sinha
Yoga instructor
I started my yoga practice influenced by my teachers, peers, environment and my travels at the age of 16. I’ve completed intensive yoga courses in Kolkata and teacher training courses in Goa. Through intention, meditation, pranayama and asana my goal is to have my student each class feeling refreshed and renewed.
Priyanka Raha
Yoga instructor
I’m a yoga trainer specializing in meditation,indian philosophy and teaching methodology. I love to work with people, design original yoga flows and see daily progress during our teacher training courses.
Gaurav Gupta
Yoga instructor
My mission is to inspire students through the practice of yoga to connect with their own personal wisdom, healing abilities and expansive potential. I specialize in teaching Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga.
Tilottama Chandra
Mastery: Pranayama and Meditiation
Over 10 years of experience as yoga instructor, therapeutic nutritionist and counsellor, coupled with a past corporate career enables me to have a deep understanding of the pressures and issues we face in our fast-paced lives today. Through advanced training in various forms yoga, chakra healing and meditation, I thrive on inspiring others to improve their wellness and commit to long term health and tranquility.
Sunita Singh
Program Director
I started learning Yoga back then when it was not a popular thing to do and I was looking for some meaning in life, as I felt very uprooted in life. And I learnt it from one of the most controversial swamis of our time, Swami Dhirendra Brahmachaari at his Ashram in Delhi.. In 1998 I went to Norway, and taught my first official classes in yoga, both in Norway and Sweden. And from there started my own journey as a Learner of Yoga, and a teacher. I have always been both a student and a teacher of Yoga. This has kept my mind open to new forms of learning.
Prem Krishna Ananda
Program Director
Krishna approached yoga for the first time in his early twenties and since then he never left its path. The development of a strong self-practice brought him to share with others his accomplishments and discovery. This led to many years of teaching experience in India and in Europe. The professional success and personal gratification gathered along those years eventually merged into the idea of creating a teaching program completely based on Krishna’s method and vision.
Amit Katkoria
Program Manager
I began my journey into meditative life in 2000 after leaving full time job and surrendered myself to Abhyāsa (practicing) Sādhana (dedication) and Chaitanya (consciousness) of Yoga. I specialize in the practice of Hatha yoga. I started sharing my learning and understanding with friends and students. Today I continue to spread this warmth and passion for yoga with people of same interest all across.
Teacher of Ashtanga Yoga
Praba was born in Tamil Nadu, South India. He was born into a family of yogis who practice in the Ashtanga style that characterizes the South Indian yoga tradition. At age 17 he began serious study with his uncle, Vijay, who is widely recognized as one of the best Ashtanga teachers in India. He has been teaching for over six years. He has lived and taught in Russia and Krzykstan as well as Goa and Dhamshala in North India, and he has trained teachers-to-be for 200 hrs and 300 hrs Yoga Teacher Trainings.
Alida Maugeri
Teacher of YIN, Hatha, Nidra & Meditation
Alida started yoga many years ago when she was working in the legal industry in London. She always had a very active lifestyle, which became even more accelerated at that time. Her yoga practice very soon started to represent the only space where she could manage to slow down the mind, relax the body and reconnect with the soul even if for short intervals. Her classes are an invitation to reconnect and rediscover one Self. Through the observation of the breath and the body we can acknowledge our own and unique energy; and to eventually free and empower our being.
Dr. Nitin Patil
Teacher of Ayurveda
Dr Nitin Patil born in Kolhapur, interested in Ayurvedic herbal medicines since childhood is what brought him to study deeper in the philosophy of Ayurveda. He runs his Ayurvedic hospital in Kolhapur with specialized Keralian detox healing procedures. His interest in the anatomy of the human body got him interested to teach yoga students a deep understanding about yoga postures, alignments, deeper understanding about. His deep understanding knowledge and experience in Ayurveda make him the perfect member of the Upaya Team. The Upaya Team is grateful to him to take time out from his busy schedule and offer our students Anatomy and the knowledge of Ayurveda.
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