Kechari Mudra



Kechari Mudra is known as the king of all mudras, and it is for a good reason. It is a powerful yoga mudra that works on the entire body and all the seven chakras. Yogis also state that we have seven main chakras along with other subtle chakras in our body.

One such subtle chakra is the Talu chakra located above the tongue, on the palate of the mouth. This chakra is not located on the central energy channel known as the Sushumna Nadi but is located slightly away from the central energy channel.

In Kechari Mudra, when the tip of the tongue touches the palate, with regular and correct practice, the Talu chakra is activated, and the heat produced by the mudra generates a sacred liquid known as Amrit (nectar). This nectar produced by Kechari mudra has helped many yogis transcend hunger, thirst and laziness. 

The word Kechari in Sanskrit means ‘one who moves the sky.’ Kechari mudra, as the name suggests, helps us activate higher spiritual centers and achieve higher states of spiritual consciousness and awareness. 

One of the most phenomenal mudras for chakras, Kechari mudra, activates and cleanses all the chakras from the root chakra to the Ajna chakra. It is also practiced by many advanced yogis to raise the Kundalini Shakti. 

With the accurate practice of Kechari Mudra in advanced stages, the Kundalini Shakti rises from the bottom of the spine, and as it balances the entire body’s energies, it moves towards the Sahasrara chakra for a divine union which is also known enlightenment. 

This yoga mudra particularly activates the throat and third eye chakra when the tongue touches the palate and with advanced practice, the uvula. With this activation, the nectar secreted awakens the whole energetic body and causes spiritual transformation. 

How to practice Kechari Mudra: Technique

  • Sit in sukhasana, padmasana or any other meditative pose. This yoga mudra needs to be performed while sitting on the floor in a meditative pose. Use a cushion to be able to sit comfortably for a longer duration.

  • Close your eyes, and use your breath to clear your mind of any past thoughts. Come into the present moment.

  • Bring your hands into Gyan mudra and focus on your breathing.

  • Roll your tongue upwards and the tip of the tongue backward and touch it to the roof of your mouth, the palate. Keep stretching the tongue backward to reach the soft palate.

  • Go as far is it feels comfortable. If your mouth or tongue begins to hurt, relax your tongue for a few seconds and begin again.

  • At first, it will be difficult for the tongue to reach the soft palate, but will regularly practice you can achieve that.

  • Eventually, at advanced stages of Kechari mudra, the tongue reaches the uvula. When the uvula is touched with the tip of the tongue, the Talu chakra activates, and the third eye, the Ajna chakra, secretes the Amrit, the divine nectar that gives the practitioner states of bliss, peace, inner calmness and heightened states of spiritual connection.

  • Hold this mudra for 4-5 minutes and then increase the time to 5-10 minutes as you practice daily and regularly. Feel and notice how the tip of the tongue creates an energy lock when it touches the mouth palate.

  • To release the mudra, bring your tongue back to its natural position. Breathe gently and release the Gyan mudra. Open your eyes and breathe freely.

  • This mudra should be performed only when one is ready. Premature awakening and inaccurate practices of this mudra can lead to mental and spiritual disorders. It is essential to be initiated into this yoga mudra by a genuine spiritual guide or teacher.

Benefits of Kechari Mudra

1. Physical Benefits

Kechari Mudra activates the salivary glands, which are connected to the digestive tract. This activation leads to healing digestive issues and healing of the solar plexus chakra. This yoga mudra also activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps us get out of the fight or flight mode and relax our body, mind and soul.

Kechari mudra, also known as the Nabho mudra, works on the brain, the heart, the lungs, and heals the central nervous system. It helps to ease nervous system disorders such as anxiety and low blood pressure and also eliminates accumulated stress stored in the body.

An amazing mudra for sleep, Kechari Mudra, also helps recover from insomnia.

2. Spiritual benefits

Kechari mudra, when practiced at the right time and under the right guidance, is an extremely powerful mudra that yields many spiritual benefits. It helps you in reaching higher states of spiritual awareness.

The Amrit (nectar) secreted from the pineal gland with this yoga mudra keeps mental, physical, emotional and spiritual disorders away. This nectar is a potent healing elixir that allows yogis to conquer hunger and thirst so that they can focus their consciousness on achieving spiritual enlightenment and higher states of being.

Kechari mudra helps in activating creative energies and in creating a healthy personality that is in alignment with divine will. It helps in healing any emotional imbalances, which in turn lead to a balanced mind, body and soul.


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