Yoni Mudra



The feminine known as Shakti in Hinduism is known to be the divine creative energy that manifests the whole cosmos into existence. This creative feminine energy is present in all human beings. Yoni Mudra, as the name, suggests works deeply with the divine feminine energy.

Yoni in Sanskrit means ’womb’, ‘uterus’ and the ‘vulva.’ Yoni mudra activates and heals the sacral chakra’s energies, known as the Swadhishthana chakra, which is located right above the root chakra.

The sacral chakra includes the gut, the uterus, the vagina and the entire pelvic floor. This area of the body holds our creative and emotional energies. The fingers are placed in a ‘seal’ known as mudra, in the center of the pelvic floor near the womb. 

Yoni mudra is associated with the goddess energies, especially the goddess Kali. Kali is the goddess of eternal darkness that originates from the divine womb (Hiranyagarbha). Yoni Mudra helps channel this primordial energy that resides in the womb and guides our lives.

One of the most widely practiced hand mudras by women is yoni mudra, which helps in healing reproductive and fertility disorders in women. This ancient mudra helps to detach from the external world and focus our attention on our internal landscape.

Humans of advanced ancient civilizations on earth considered our gut, womb and pelvic the feminine brain where information was processed through feelings, emotions and intuition rather than thoughts and logic. This yoga mudra works to bring harmony to our feminine brain, which brings peace, serenity, flow and abundance into our lives.

How to practice Yoni Mudra: Technique

  • Sit in sukhasana, padmasana or any other meditative asana. To be able to sit comfortably for longer durations, you can use a cushion. If you have trouble sitting on the floor, this asana can also be performed sitting in a chair, lying down or standing. It works best when sitting.

  • Close your eyes, and with the help of conscious breathing, clear your mind.

  • Bring both your palms together in Anjali Mudra or ‘namaste.’

  • Now, instead of the fingers pointing upwards, point them downwards toward the ground.

  • Bring the left and right thumb together and point it upwards in the opposite direction of the other fingers.

  • The thumb and index form a triangle. The remaining three fingers, the middle finger, ring finger and little finger, can be held pointing downwards while the tip are touching each other, or they can be interlocked with each other, or their backs can be touching each other. You can choose the position of the remaining three fingers on what suits you best.

  • The important thing is to form a triangle between the thumb and index fingers.

  • Place this mudra on your pelvic floor, in front of your womb, right below the navel.

  • Hold this mudra. Feel and notice the effect of this on your physical and energy body. Notice how the mudra affects the energy flow in your womb and pelvic floor.

  • Focus on breathing and regulate the breath throughout your body.

  • In the beginning, you can hold this mudra for 5-10 minutes, depending on how far you can go. With time and practice, you can increase the time to 20-40 minutes.

  • To release the yoga mudra, release the grip of your fingers from against each other. Place your hands and palms on your knees. Open your eyes and breathe freely.

Benefits of Yoni Mudra

1. Healing of Swadhisthana Chakra

Yoni mudra is one of the best mudras for chakra, specifically the sacral or the second chakra. Known as the Swadhisthana chakra in Sanskrit, this chakra holds the creative, sexual and sensual energies. The energies of this chakra are responsible for the flow in our lives.

This flow is related to the element of water and emotions. The sacral chakra, which includes the gut, the pelvic floor and the womb, hold all the deep emotions. Yoni mudra helps in healing and releasing these emotions, which leads to profound inner peace.

The feminine aspects of intuition, emotions and feelings are connected to the sacral chakra. Yoni mudra, one of the best mudras for healing, activates the goddess energies within and helps in healing the feminine energies, thereby bringing more creativity, revival and vitality into our lives.

2. Balancing of masculine and feminine energies

As both hands come together, in a union, in this mudra, it heals and unites the feminine and masculine energies within. The left is the feminine side of the body, and the right is the masculine side. In Sanskrit, the Ida Nadi is the lunar/feminine energy channel, and the Pingala Nadi is the solar/masculine energy channel.

When yoni mudra is practiced correctly and sincerely, it brings about a balance to the feminine and masculine energy. When our inner masculine and feminine energies work in harmony, our lives are full of abundance, peace, joy, and whatever challenges life brings, they are dealt with maturity and strength.

3. Connection to mother earth

Yoni mudra also helps us feel grounded and connected to mother earth due to the downward energy flow of the mudra. It helps us feel connected to the physical world while expanding our consciousness in higher dimensions.

One of the most potent feminine mudras, Yoni Mudra, activates the primordial energies of creation within us. It is to be practiced with deep reverence and respect for the primal and sacred creative force of life, the divine feminine energy.


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