10 days Meditation and Yoga
Retreat in India

15th Nov - 24th Nov 2020 | Mulshi, India

Course in English

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Perfect opportunity to escape from the chaos of everyday life, slow down the pace and reconnect with self through classes of deep meditation, yoga blended with ayurvedic spa sessions in one of the best wellness resorts in Asia.

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Mulsi, India


about this retreat

Enjoy deep relaxation sessions along with traditional breathing therapies while discovering the benefits of yoga and meditation being surrounded by nature. This 10-day experience will rejuvenate you and open up a space where you can dive in the vase realms of consciousness. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, you’ll progress in interesting and often challenging way.

Tillottama Chandra - one of the finest meditation teachers in India will guide you through morning classes of conscious breathing - Pranayama, followed by gentle yoga practices and evening meditation sessions. During the course you will also learn basic yoga sequences which you can practice with ease at home.

Additionally you will receive a private consultation with our ayurvedic doctor and treatment or messages according to your body constitution.



10 days / 9 nights


Mulshi, India

Yoga Style:

Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama

Skills level:

All levels


Organic, Vegetarian


Tilottama Chandra

Mastery: Pranayama and Meditiation

Over 10 years of experience as yoga instructor, therapeutic nutritionist and counsellor, coupled with a past corporate career enables me to have a deep understanding of the pressures and issues we face in our fast-paced lives today. Through advanced training in various forms yoga, chakra healing and meditation, I thrive on inspiring others to improve their wellness and commit to long term health and tranquility.

Amit Katkoria

Mastery: Traditional Hatha Yoga

I began my journey into meditative life in 2000 after leaving full time job and surrendered myself to Abhyāsa (practicing) Sādhana (dedication) and Chaitanya (consciousness) of Yoga. I specialize in the practice of Hatha yoga. I started sharing my learning and understanding with friends and students. Today I continue to spread this warmth and passion for yoga with people of same interest all across.

What’s unique about this course

Incredible Location

Immersive dive into meditation and yoga right in the luxury wellness resort surrounded by hills, lakes and greenery.

Delicious Food

Food during the retreat will truly be en experience on its own, taste the fresh variety of wholesome and organic meals rooted in Indian traditions.

Individual Approach

During the course you can ask for private consultations with our teachers to correct your techniques and postures.

What you gain

Stress management

Over the period of this retreat you will practice various techniques leading to better control over stressful situations, lower anxiety and smile more.

Deep sleep

Meditation sessions along with practice of some of the yoga postures will improve the quality of your sleep, which brings happiness and energy into your daily life.

Improve productivity

During the retreat you will learn how to stay more conscious, focus your mind and direct your thoughts on what is really important for you at given moment.

Typical daily schedule

The day usually starts with breathing and meditation sessions, later followed by your yoga practice. Learn about asanas, anatomy, and useful body postures during the afternoon workshops. Restore your body and mind with Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation).

The yoga resort

This retreat is held at Atmantan, a luxury wellness and spa resort. Nestled by Mulshi Lake, surrounded by a lush green Western Ghats, a range of mountains in South East India. With spectacular views of the lake and valley, with a minimalistic architectural design, the resort seamlessly converges into the foliaged landscape and becomes a perfect place for this transformative, yogic experience.

Your investment

Double shared room

Private room

1125 EUR

1500 EUR

What’s Included

10 days accommodation

Light, energetic vegetarian food

Guided meditation and yoga sessions

Yoga Workshops

Traditional Ayurveda consultation

1 Ayurvedic treatment

Fitness studio with swimming pool and gym

Mumbai airport transfer

Not Included

Airfare and Insurance

On booking of the course you are required to make payment of 300 EUR as non-refundable deposit. The balance payment needs to be done on arrival. Please read our T&C

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Yoga retreats in India

Yoga retreats in India are a perfect way to take a break from your routine lifestyle. You get to spend time with like-minded people who are also different in several ways. You might initially have a lot of doubts and questions about yoga India retreats, however the best thing to do is to free your mind of any thoughts and just go for it. It is surely the way in which your mind body and soul will be benefited.

India is among the 3 favorite destinations in the world to take a yoga retreat. Some centers are in paradisaical places and have top-level teachers with more than 30 years of experience. The training of yoga teachers in Goa meets the best natural conditions to bring people in their process of relaxation and self-knowledge to a greater connection with themselves and the environment.

Since the time yoga has evolved, there have been several yoga retreats in India that have provided simple experiences in ashrams to luxurious retreats. These retreats are authentic and give you a soulful experience.

There are yoga India retreats wherein you can witness the introduction to the cultural and natural beauty of India. Ceremonies and sermons are also conducted, and ayurvedic massages consultations and treatments are provided.

Yoga retreats in Goa

From delicious meals, charming people, coconut groves and villas the yoga retreats in Goa are the ones that stand out. Several retreats also provide unique experiences such as pottery classes eco-friendly drives and cottages. You can also experience yoga retreats and beach holidays combined. The service is wonderful along with passionate teachers.

There are yoga retreats in Goa that have airy pavilions that are home to sculptures and lush foliage. Ayurvedic spas are also provided here. Retreats also vary from providing tranquility in the form of gardens cuisine and swimming pools.

On top of that, people are relaxed and very friendly. The people in Goa are very hospitable to foreigners. If there is any problem, everyone is willing to help. They radiate positive vibes that help create a peaceful and harmonious environment. It is a place where different communities and religions live together in peace and harmony.

Another point in favor would be the language factor in Goa, since here people speak English and numerous foreign languages ​​in addition to local dialects. Its privileged situation on the coast provides the best opportunities to organize yoga retreats in Goa. For yoga students who also want to complement their learning with an experience they will never forget, Goa is the place since it is a wonderful destination.

Meditation retreats in India

India is the destination to a thousand pilgrims who come in search of enlightenment and spiritual awakening. The apt place to experience all this is a meditation retreat. You can refresh yourself and also travel and meet like-minded people.

The meditation retreats in India vary from place to place. There are spiritual retreats, silent meditation retreats, Buddhist meditation retreats, and retreats located amongst the hills and mountains. These retreats transform people emotionally, mentally, and physically. When life gets a little too overwhelming spending time exclusively in a meditation retreat brings back balance and unplugs oneself. The main activities of a meditation retreat in India would be chanting mantras, yoga classes, excursions. However the activities vary from one retreat to another. Vegetarian meals are provided here and the instructors are experienced and passionate people.

Our meditation retreats in India are designed to discover yourself – Detach your body from stress, anxiety and chronic diseases and get the stillness and peace you deserve.

Meditation in India

Meditation can play a very important roll in our lives. It has been practiced for centuries, and we should not undervalue how important even a short engagement in meditation practice can be, especially within our current, hectic daily lives. Western countries have discovered the benefits of meditation recently, while Meditation in India is a habit from which we have much to learn.

In India visitors will find themselves attracted to the meditation practices that were developed in India and have now become a fad in foreign countries. As a result, travelers often find themselves with a variety of courses and options to practice meditation here. Long meditation sessions contribute to strengthening the mind’s power and will. To come to India for meditation in India also can be the way for anybody focused on spiritual awakening.

There are various types of meditation practices: Mindfulness meditation, transcendental meditation, and vipassana meditation are the most important ones.

Meditation centers in India

Meditation centers in India ensure that you get what you are looking for, inner peace. Here you can reconnect with your inner self.

The world is running so fast, that humans are having difficulties coping with constant change. Still, India is slow and that’s the only reason that they have still their traditional rituals and cultural activities. In our retreats programs, we give you an opportunity to learn Yoga and Meditation and explore the rich Indian culture.

The idea is simple, Yoga and Meditation classes in the morning and evening and in the rest of the time just spend your time practicing teachings and resting, socializing or sightseeing. In our Yoga and Meditation centers in India, you will learn Yoga Poses, Body Cleansing techniques, Meditation, Pranayama, and more. The Retreats include accommodation, food, classes, manuals and pick up and drop off to the nearest airport.

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