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Yoga Styles – guide

What is yoga?

What is the purpose of  yoga and how does it work? What do we really want in our

Profile of a yogui

Yogis are cool in many ways. You are either a Yogi or you are not. We explore this

Yoga for sleep

We humans generally spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Yet, there is a huge difference between just sleeping

Mindfulness at work

Feeling stressed at work? With tight deadlines, long working hours, and difficult conversations, it is easy to feel

Yoga and food

We are what we eat. What is our body if it’s not a combination of the air we

Yoga for beginners

If you want to get started in the world of yoga, there are certain postures that are essential


Iyengar Yoga

An Introduction to Iyengar Yoga and it’s Benefits Yoga movements may look quite easy, but once you attempt


The business of yoga

Perspectives for yoga teachers The future of yoga is brilliant. Find out why If being a yoga teacher

Vinyasa Yoga

An Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga The Sanskrit word ‘Vinyasa’ originates from two words, the prefix ‘vi’ means variation


Hand and fingers have been known to have healing powers for thousands of years. As yogis use their

Abhaya Mudra

Abhaya mudra dates back even before the birth of yoga. It dates back to ancient times when religions like

Ashtanga Yoga

Are you looking for a fitness routine that challenges your mind and body? Then you should definitely try


What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is the most widespread yoga modality. The word Hatha comes from the Sanskrit Ha, which means


Yoga at home

What a traffic jam, I’m late for my yoga class again! I can’t park! I forgot the mat!

Yoga Training Center

On the mission to spread the love for yoga all around the world.

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