Kundalini Yoga



Most of the people face pressure due to several reasons. Professional pressure, pressure from the society peer pressure, family pressure. You simply can’t name it! In such a scenario people are consumed and suffer from depleting attention span and satisfaction. They want clarity, contentment and fulfillment.

All of us want wellness in our lives that is long lasting. The practice of Kundalini yoga makes one feel free and refreshed. It is like undergoing therapy. It is a mix of physical and spiritual practices that better ones consciousness.

Kundalini yoga has proven to activate parts of the brain and achieve balance and control. The main aim of Kundalini yoga is to awaken human awareness and experience inner stillness. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that means ‘coiled snake’. And in the early times, it was believed that we were born with a divine energy present at the base of our spine. Kundalini is the practice to uncoil and connect us to this internal energy.

This energy is pulled all the way up and outwards so that energy can seep into our energy centers and seven chakras to create balance that we seek. Kundalini yoga is a mix of Bhakti yoga (devotion and chanting), Raja yoga( physical and mental control), Shakti yoga ( expression of power and energy)

Kundalini and understanding the breath

Meditation and kriya have breathing practices and postures to generate a specific kind of energy. These breathing techniques and postures are very specific in nature. Several postures are made in such a way so as to activate the spine, navel and other energy points.

For the nervous system a breath work practice most commonly used is the ‘Breath of Fire’. It has several benefits and releases toxins, increases brain functioning, cleanses the blood and repairs the wear and tear of the nervous system.

This technique is also called Kapalbhati or Skull Luster. It cleanses the lungs and energizes the mind and body. Along with that the body heals and builds strength.

This technique can be risky for a few. Beginners may first feel nauseous or a little light headed depending upon their body type. Ladies who are pregnant or menstruating should refrain from practicing this.

To begin with actively pull the navel point. This motion compresses the diaphragm and air gets exhaled from the lungs. After that release the navel point and allow the diaphragm to expand. The lungs will get filled through this procedure. Continue inhaling and exhaling alternatively.

Continue this breathing activity for three minutes. Do not overemphasize the exhale or put too much pressure on the navel point. If you find it difficult to concentrate, introduce a mantra once for one inhale and once for one exhale.


The practice of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga consists of kriyas and meditations that are designed to increase the entire body’s awareness to make the body ready and handle the rising Kundalini. The Kundalini energy flows from the lower energy levels.

There are a series of physical and mental changes that the body undergoes. Each kriya and meditation may have a different effect on the body, however all of them work for the overall well-being of the body.

Kundalini yoga makes you develop physical and mental strength to maintain various repetitive movements and practices. There are numerous benefits to being consistent with Kundalini yoga. It trains one to resist the desire to give up thus developing will power. The endocrine system will eventually synthesize chemicals that bring balance and peace of mind.

Head coverings

Wearing a head covering while practicing Kundalini yoga is very common. While attending a Kundalini yoga session you are bound to find students wearing white headgears or head coverings. It’s a personal choice whether to wear it or not. However here are a few reasons why people wear it.

To begin with the colour white has its own significance. Our aura is supposed to extend nine feet around our body, the colour white extends the aura by afoot extra and keeps harmful energy away while bringing in more and more positive energy.

A turban also symbolizes how dedicated and devoted you are to what you are practicing. It makes one move from a physical state of being to spiritual one. It prepares one to be relaxed and enjoy the process. A sense of purpose engulfs the body and one attains peace within. A turban when tied steadily around the head stabilizes the bones. The bones in the skull have a direct impact on our neurological system. Tying the turban around the skull creates mild pressure and provides a sense of calm.

Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini meditation cleanses the mind. We always have a tendency to react to the thoughts that we are having throughout the day. Kundalini meditation helps to calm ourselves down and balance our energy and thoughts. We can get rid of stress and bring awareness to the body. Our mind body and soul can become balanced as well. Choosing the perfect location attire position and focusing on our breath are a few important points to keep in mind while practicing Kundalini meditation.

Initially Kundalini yoga might seem to be a tough, however with time and practice one can master the art. It will be easier to focus on calming the mind and managing the emotions and thought process. Chanting the mantras keeping one’s eyes closed arms raised and alms pressed brings the mind into the body and gradually discomfort if any decreases. The focus and stillness develops within. One must be ready to make certain changes and remember not to give up.


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